All Golden Glow security officers are trained by Law Enforcement Professionals. The vast majority of training will be administered by the company's utilization of highly skilled and professional personnel. Isham A. Latimer is the ranking instructor.

Latimer's certification was aquired through the NYS Division of Criminal Justice Services, the Bureau of Municipal Police, and the NYS Division of Licensing Services. Isham A. Latimer's certifications are in the following:

  • New York State Department of Homeland Security (Enhanced Security Guard Train the Trainer Program) 40 hours Instructor Certification - Nov. 17, 2006
  • New York State Department of Homeland Security, National Incident Management System (NIMS) IS-700 Certification - Nov. 17, 2006.
  • New York State Department of Homeland Security (ICS-100 Introduction to ICS Certification), Nov. 17, 2006.
  • General Topics Instructor
  • Defensive Tactics Instructor
  • Firearms Instructor
  • General Topics Security Guard Instructor
  • Armed Security Guard Instructor
  • Monadnock Baton Instructor
  • Glock Armorer

Our Training Program exceeds the minimum legal standards, as per the Private Investigators and Watch Guard and Patrol Agencies Law, under Articles #7 and #7A, of the NYS General Business Law.

Tactical Communication

Our training program places an emphasis on the following aspects regarding tactical communications:

  1. Logistical Dynamics
  2. Crowd Control
    • Officers must become effective in dealing with people of diverse ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds.
    • Officers will be trained to assess threat levels and to effectively intervene, prevent or minimize risks.

Use of Force

The use of force is crucial to the individual security officer. Training in this area covers the NYS Penal Law regarding physical force, deadly physical force and SELF DEFENSE. A use of force continuum model will be outlined and hypothetical cases will provide the opportunity to categorize the different levels of force used in response to acts of assaultive or aggressive behavior. Understanding the Legal Parameters and consequences surrounding use of physical force, enables the individual officer to use good judgment, apply threat assessment, and rely upon his/her "Safety and Survival Training Skills", in order to either deter and diffuse acts of assaultive behavior, or to effectively control and isolate individuals exhibiting these behavior patterns from innocent parties. The officer will be better able to effectively ARTICULATE why they took a particular course of action.

It is the position of Golden Glow that, "The Best Fight is No Fight."

Physical Training

The performance level and ability of security personnel will be enhanced by the opportunity to be involved in an ongoing physical training program that will include unarmed defensive tactics, defenses against edged weapons and discussion of issues based on the experiences of security personnel.

The primary focus of physical training is geared towards the safety of the officer, and the goal of preventing unnecessary physical altercations.

Golden Glow Investigative & Protective Services, LLC will meet the challenge to provide you with the best security personnel possible, and to maintain the highest performance standards on a consistent basis.

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