Golden Glow Investigative & Protective Services, LLC will meet the challenge to provide you with the best security personnel possible and to maintain the highest performance standards. Golden Glow Investigative & Protective Services, LLC is a small, minority owned business and has the ability to manage, train, and evaluate its security services on a regular basis. We are Licensed under UI number 1000085040, Bonded and fully Insured.

At Golden Glow Investigative & Protective Services, we are committed to a high performance standard as the basis for employee evaluation, promotion and retention.

About the President

Isham A. LatimerIsham A. Latimer is the President of Golden Glow Investigative & Protective Services, LLC, and has brought the company through all of the legal requirements and processes. Operational status as a company began on April 20th, 2001.

Mr. Latimer is a retired member of the law enforcement community after 23 years of service with the New York State Division of Parole. He has received numerous commendations for high professional standards of conduct, sound tactical judgment, and restraint under critical circumstances.

Due in part to being an academic counselor at John J. College of Criminal Justice from November, 1979 through September, 1992, Isham brings an extensive background in counseling and crisis intervention to the company. In addition, Isham holds a Masters Degree in Social Work acquired from the Graduate School of Social Work at Stony Brook University in 1979.

The wealth of knowledge, work ethic, self pride, competitive spirit and discipline that Mr. Latimer has achieved throughout his educational and professional careers has found a place at Golden Glow, from where he will continue to produce quality services and meet the challenges of doing business in the security industry.