The officers of Golden Glow Investigative & Protective Services are skilled professionals, are highly motivated to perform the duties of his/her assignments in a responsible manner, and will demonstrate confidence, pride, fairness, and a cooperative spirit in the performance of his/her duties.

All security officers will be qualified by their experience, education, training and compliance with the requirements set forth by the NYS Department of State Division of Licensing Services, and as per Private Investigators and Watch, Guard and Patrol Agencies Law, under Articles 7 and 7-A General Business Law.

In their employment with Golden Glow, all security officers must additionally meet the requirements set forth by in-house training objectives policy for Officer Safety and Survival. They will be subject to the immediate supervision of the company designated field supervisor and by the training staff. Our training program exceeds the minimum standards set by NYS Licensing under Articles 7 and 7-A General Business Law.

Golden Glow Armed Guards are active members of the Law Enforcement Community, or experienced licensed security guard professionals. In keeping with the company mission, which is to maintaine a high performance standard as the basis for employee evaluation, promotion and retention, most employees have a minimum of four years of college, with degrees in Criminal Justice, Sociology, Psychology, Government and Public Administration and Police Science.