We have been helping clients
manage risk for over 15 years.

Golden Glow Investigative & Protective Services takes pride
in our ability to evaluate the unique circumstances of our clients and then provide them with customized protective solutions.

Retail Security
Loss Prevention

According to Forbes Magazine, a report from Retail Knowledge – producers of the largest risk and loss prevention conference series in the world – identified that, since 2015, United States retailers are losing $60 Billion a year from shoplifters and employee theft.

Don't allow your business to become a contributor to this staggering statistic.

Executive Security
VIP Protection

Corporate executives, well known public figures, and individuals of high net worth are increasingly becoming targeted for theft and physical mal intent.

Request protective services from Golden Glow Security to render threats ineffective.

Private Estate Security
Gated Community Access Control

Home is where we all feel the safest and criminals know this. The majority of times, home invaders and trespassers have studied the habits of the target residents and will strike when their routines make them the most vulnerable.

Count on Golden Glow Security to provide the kind of presence to repell those who plot to violate your home or property.

How we can help you

Golden Glow Investigative & Protective Services can
provide risk management in a number of key areas including, but not limited to...

  • Government Facility Security

    Courts, congressional offices, campaign activities, municipal buildings

  • Accident Investigations

    vehicular, workplace, public event, public facilities

  • Private Investigations

    Matrimonial, missing persons, asset searches, surveillance

  • Campus Security

    Public schools, private schools, community colleges, universities

  • Commercial Building Security

    Retail venues, corporate locations, parking garages, warehouses

  • Criminal Background Checks

    employees, public officials, service professionals, private individuals

The Golden Glow Difference

Golden Glow Investigative & Protective Services can provide you with a suite of security solutions that are scalable to your needs.